Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Florida: 1 dead, one injured in Miami Burger King shooting: "One man was killed and another seriously wounded in a shootout inside a Miami Burger King on Tuesday, officials said. Police said a man wearing a ski mask walked into the store at Biscayne Boulevard and 54th Street and demanded money from a clerk. A customer, who has a concealed weapons permit, pulled a gun, said Officer Jeff Giordano, a Miami police spokesman. The customer and robber exchanged fire. The robber was shot dead at the scene. The customer, who had several gunshot wounds, was taken to Ryder Trauma Center in serious but stable condition, said Lt. Ignatius Carroll, a Miami Fire Rescue spokesman."

Arkansas: Man Defends Wife, Wounds Would-Be Robber: "According to the police report, a husband and wife were unloading groceries into their Jeep when a man wearing a wig and cap allegedly confronted them, pointing a gun. At that point, the report says the suspect said "'This is a robbery'" and went after the woman's purse. Police say the suspect allegedly hit the woman and ripped the bag from the woman's arm. Police say that's when her husband took action. Sgt. Cassandra Davis says the husband fired at Jonathan Terry [above], hitting him in the rear end. "The husband than retrieved his own personal weapon. He did ask the suspect to release his wife and the purse. The suspect refused," says Sgt. Davis. Police say Terry jumped into a waiting car and his friends, Sherry Battle and Tequila Rice drove him to UAMS. "They were at the hospital and our officers took those individuals into custody also," explains Sgt. Davis. All three are facing Aggravated Robbery Charges. Police say Battles and Rice fought with officers and are also facing battery charges. Today's THV has the couple's names, but since they haven't been charged with a crime, we've decided not to mention them"

Ohio: Would-Be Robber Ends Up As Shooting Victim: "A would-be thief ended up in the hospital with a gunshot wound after a failed robbery attempt in Mt. Auburn overnight. Police say the would-be robber, 20-year-old Anthony Walker of Corryville, approached two men at a home in the 120 block of Malvern Place and threatened them with a gun. One of the men, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, reportedly shot Walker during the altercation. Both of the intended victims then drove to the Cincinnati Police District One station and reported the incident. Rescue crews transported Walker to University Hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the chest. He is now facing charges of aggravated robbery."

WV: Delegates want to bear arms without permits: "Controversy often inflames passions, and mindful of this lawless age and a propensity of some in society to go over the edge, a few lawmakers want the right to arm themselves without a weapons permit. One sponsor of such a House bill, in fact, Delegate Mark Hunt, D-Kanawha, relayed a personal threat directed at him and his family, penned by the hand of a convict. A self-described ‘monster,’ the man behind bars warned of what he intended to do to Hunt and his children. Hunt decided to leave nothing to chance and get a firearm, but was told he had to wait during a two-month concealed weapon application process.” [Poor bubby!]


The Times Observer said...

I just want to say that you are doing this country a great service by posting these stories on the Web.

People need to know that honest citizens can defend themselves with their legally owned firearms.

Too many people believe in the myth that gun owners cannot defend themselves if someone breaks into their home. With your news stories, with great links to the news articles, you show that myth is just a myth. Gun owners can and will protect themselves and their loved ones with their firearms.

Please keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Heard a story not too long ago about a man in Little Rock, who was a anti-gun and went so far as to put a sign in his home window expressing his anti-gun view. I about a six month period his house was robbed 3 times. After those break-ins he took his sign down and put up the familiar sign "home protected by Smith and Wesson, during the past year no more break-ins.