Saturday, March 07, 2009

La: Woman kills home invader; 2 men booked: "Two men have been booked on charges stemming from a home invasion that ended when a Ville Platte homeowner shot and killed a 19-year-old man she said had pulled a gun on her boyfriend, police said Friday. Gavin Herbert, 18, and Charles Grace, 34, both of Ville Platte, were held on $500,000 bond each in connection with the home invasion late Tuesday that left 19-year-old Antonio Thompson dead, said police Lt. Craig Nicholas. Herbert is accused of participating in the holdup and home invasion while Grace was suspected of planning it, Nicholas added. According to police, Herbert and Thompson broke into one house Tuesday, waited for residents to return, robbed homeowner Kaninsky Larnette and then took him at gunpoint to the home of Nedra Gallow, his girlfriend. Gallow, 24, said in a published account that she answered a knock and found Thompson holding a gun to Larnette. "He ordered us to get on the floor. He hit me with his gun," Gallow told The Advertiser. "My mama started screaming. He pushed her down, and I ran to get the gun to protect myself and my family." She and Thompson pointed their guns at each other, she said, and she ordered him to leave. She said Larnette then grabbed Thompson. While they wrestled on the floor, she shot Thompson once in the leg, according to the report. She also said Larnette grabbed the other man's gun, but she was afraid Thompson had another. "He kept digging in his pocket like he was going for another gun, and I shot him again," Gallow told The Advertiser. "I was not trying to kill anyone. I hated to do it. But I had to."

VA: Dope grower shoots robbery conspirators: :When four Williamsburg-area teenagers traveled to New Kent County this fall looking for marijuana, one of them died, three others ended up with charges that could bring long prison sentences, and the man with the dope disappeared. John W. Chaffin and Robert M. Perez, also 18, told Moore of a small house in Lanexa where they could find "pillowcases full" of marijuana, guns, and "more [dope] than I could imagine," Moore said. After Moore's rambling, often changing testimony today, charges of conspiracy to commit robbery were certified to a grand jury against Chaffin and Perez, who did not make the trip to Lanexa on Oct. 14, the night their friend Christopher Greene was killed. Two defendants who did make the trip were Kodie L. Tyler and Reuben T. Tynes Jr. Charges of conspiracy and attempted robbery were certified against them yesterday. Moore waived the preliminary hearing and is testifying against his former friends and co-defendants. Left for dead behind a marijuana-laden home on U.S. 60 was Greene, also 18. All the young men were students at Bruton High School in York County. Greene died when he pulled a shotgun on the home's resident, John Steven Carter, whose name was never mentioned yesterday and has not surfaced since the shooting." [Chaffin and Perez have now been convicted]

Assault weapons ban: "Never let it be said logic, reason, facts or even the government's own statistics are sufficient to sway liberals from what they've convinced themselves is the answer to a problem, be it real or perceived. The new attorney general's renewed attack on "assault weapons" is just the latest example of this non-think approach. His claim that banning "assault weapons" in the U.S. will somehow deter the violence of the Mexican-drug cartels is silly and certainly hypocritical on its face. He concedes that the cartels are highly organized and financed, and operate on an international scale. Does the attorney general really believe any restrictions in this country would be more than a minor inconvenience to the cartels or any other criminal elements for that matter? Ironically, many of the weapons used by criminals are stolen from government storage facilities - yes, even in the U.S. You can't buy plastic explosives, full-automatic weapons, RPGs, etc., at gun shows. Liberal gun-haters can't seem to grasp the bullet is indifferent about the gun used to shoot it. What the gun looks like makes absolutely no difference. In fact, many "acceptable and respectable" sporting arms are much more powerful and deadly than so-called "assault rifles." My legal, 12-gauge shotgun can discharge more lethal projectiles with one shot than an M-16 or Uzi can with a full magazine, and my 12 gauge holds seven such rounds! With regard to the proposed ten-round-magazine limit, anyone other than a certified klutz can insert a fresh magazine into a semi-auto handgun in about two seconds."

License to kill?: "The gun grabbers always try to tag any legislation or policy favoring guns with a scary label. "Assault weapons," "gun show loophole," "hidden guns," and now "shoot first legislation." What they're referring to with that last one is what we prefer to call Stand Your Ground legislation, and is included in Ohioans For Concealed Carry's list of goals for reforms in 2009. This legislation is the concept that a person attacked in any place he or she has a legal right to be does not have to try to flee before being permitted to use lethal force for self defense. It also requires that those who do use lethal force are to be considered innocent until proven guilty, provided that the defendee was not also committing a crime. It is basically an extension of Castle Doctrine, which was enacted in Ohio last year. If you frame such legislation as protection for victims and explain about being innocent until proven guilty, most people will realize this is a common sense protection for law abiding citizens. Of course, gun control advocates like the Brady Campaign can't have that, so they instead try to scare people by making it seem like it is a license to kill."

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