Monday, March 16, 2009

Ill: Invader Shot, then run over by accomplices: "Derrick Murray got a rude awakening when a group of men busted through his back door ran into his home pointed guns claiming to be police officers. "The yelled this is the police! They kicked the door in, broke the glass and I was hiding in the bedroom," said Murray. This home owner fought back. "I grabbed my gun and shot at them and everyone ran out," he said. 27-year-old Derek Clark was shot in the stomach. Murray says Clark then crawled out the door. "He left a trail of blood everywhere," said Murray. What happened next is something neighbors will never forget.... When Kathy looked out she saw a man knelt down where there's still a blood stain in front of her home. He then crawled to the road where there is another blood stain. Witnesses say he was then ran over twice by the same people he came with. "They were driving a gray Lincoln and were trying to get away. I ran out after them and started yelling. Those dudes dropped that guy and jumped in their car and ran over him. Then, they drove towards me and saw I had a gun and they backed up and ran over him again. So, that guy got ran over twice," said Murray."

German minister: No need for stricter gun laws: "Germany does not need to tighten its gun laws in response to school shootings by a teenager in southwestern Germany on Wednesday, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said. Some German politicians have called for a ban on private gun ownership and urged authorities to set up airport-style security systems at schools in response to the massacre, which left 16 people dead, including the killer. `I can't see how a change in weapons rules would contribute anything to solving the problem,' Schaeuble, an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, told Reuters . `It used to be sex. Now violence seems to be the new temptation,' he said."

ID: Red's gun shop, ATF thugs reach settlement: "An Idaho gun shop that went to federal court to keep the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from pulling its gun license has reached a settlement with the agency. Terry and Ryan Horsley of Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls asked the court to review their case in 2007, after the ATF revoked their license. The ATF said the shop had repeatedly violated gun sales rules. The Horsleys said they had been targeted by the agency and that most of the problems were clerical, such as using abbreviations on gun sale documentation. Red's Trading Shop attorney Christopher Chiafullo wouldn't discuss the terms of the settlement."

Holding gun manufacturers responsible for crime : "If someone tried to sue Ford because a drunk driver got into an accident, the case would go nowhere. If someone tried to sue Cooper Hand Tools because a nutjob took a hatchet to a rival, no lawyer would touch the case. If someone sued Krylon because a vandal ruined the paint job on their car, the judge would immediately toss the case. Trying to hold a manufacture responsible for the criminal misuse of their product is unacceptable to most people. So why is it so different when a criminal misuses a firearm to commit a crime?"

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