Friday, March 27, 2009

South Carolina Couple shoot, Stab black intruder: "Deputies said a man who attempted to rob a Spartanburg couple ended up shot, stabbed and arrested. Spartanburg County deputies responded to a call of an attempted robbery at a home on West Croft Circle. Travis Morrow, who lives in the house, and his girlfriend, Aiyetoro Ross, told deputies two men tried to rob them. Morrow said as he struggled to disarm one of the men, the gun discharged, and hit the suspect. Ross grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the suspect. Both of the robbery suspects then ran from the house. Deputies were later called to Mary Black Hospital where man had come into the Emergency Room suffering from a gunshot injury and a stab wound. The injured man was identified as 20-year-old Ronald Deshawn Rice, of Spartanburg. Rice is charged with one count of attempted armed robbery and two counts of assault with intent to kill. The second suspect has been identified as 24-year-old Ryan Dwight Ross of Pacolet, SC. He is also charged with one count of attempted armed robbery and two counts of assault with intent to kill.

NRA Files 2nd Amendment Complaint in Heller v. D.C. Gun Case: The National Rifle Association filed a second amended complaint in Dick Anthony Heller et al v. District of Columbia in U.S. District Court. NRA and other plaintiffs are asking the court to issue a preliminary and permanent injunction to prevent the D.C. Council from implementing laws that violate the Second Amendment and from enforcing its prohibitions on the possession of commonly owned firearms. Chris W. Cox, NRA chief lobbyist, said, “It's time to fully restore the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding residents in the District of Columbia. The D.C. Council’s latest gun registration scheme is proof of D.C.’s continued contempt for the Supreme Court.” NRA filed the original suit last summer after D.C. enacted a restrictive gun registration law in response to the landmark Supreme Court decision in the first District of Columbia v. Heller. The historic Heller decision struck down D.C.’s long-standing ban on handguns and self-defense in the home. The second amended complaint challenges D.C.'s current laws, which will become permanent in early April if not vetoed by Congress."

IL: House votes down gun control measure : “For the second time in a year, an attempt to toughen state gun laws fell short of passage in the Illinois House.The proposal, which failed on a 55-60 vote Wednesday, aims to close the so-called private-sale loophole. … Supporters say current law allows guns to get into the hands of criminals who would otherwise not be able to buy firearms. … A majority of lawmakers, however, doubted additional gun laws would stop the violence. … Downstate lawmakers argued that Chicago-area lawmakers are trying to impose stricter gun laws on the rest of the state when the problems of gun violence are primarily limited to within the state’s largest city.”

Self defence a precarious right in New Zealand: "My congratulations this morning to stabbed shop owner Virender Singh, who fought back against intruders into his shop only to have to fight back against police who charged him for having the temerity to defend himself. Just as they did when Greg Carvell defended himself and the occupants of his family’s gun shop. Just as they did when Paul McIntyre defended his property and his family. Just as they did when Michael Vaimauga was arrested for assault after he stopped a burglar breaking into a shop. And just as they would have if the late Navtej Singh had managed to fight back successfully against the armed intruders into his bottle store. As an Avondale dairy owner said when a colleague was stabbed in the neck and back by a robber, “When we protect ourselves, we get charged - and if we don’t we get stabbed. What do we do?” So my congratulations to Mr Singh not just for being cleared in a depositions hearing at the Manukau District Court, but for having the gumption to defend himself and his young nephew when the police have already made it perfectly clear they view anyone who does as a criminal. Make no mistake, Virender Singh’s exculpation yesterday by Manukau JPs was not a ringing declaration of your right to self defence – despite the Crimes Act allowing it, and basic human rights demanding it. No, his case was not dismissed based his right to self defence, but only because there was insufficient evidence to charge him."

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