Sunday, March 22, 2009

NV: Married couple foil home robbery attempt: "A local couple came home from work last Saturday night to find not one but five people burglarizing their home. Emery Childress III and his wife Brenda knew right away that something was wrong. "Saturday evening I picked my wife up from work. She was going to take the evening off. We pulled up to the garage, we opened the garage door. When the garage was half-way up, the dogs ran out to us. And normally, the dogs are inside the house." "He went in first so I opened the door and let him in," continues Brenda. "And then I shut the door only took about three seconds and I heard him say...Freeze. I use foul language - I say get on the ground, drop it. I walk these guys...and I have them at gun point." Inside their Henderson home were four perpetrators, all holding valuable weapons: guns, knives, and even a sword that belonged to them. "I then entered from the garage, came around the corner where he had two suspects laying down on the floor," says Brenda. "They had our .45 down there and I picked it up." While Emery's wife held the two perpetrators at gun point, he ran outside with the other gun and tried to catch two more that were waiting outside in an SUV. "We had two adults and two juvenile girls were arrested," confirms Keith Paul, Henderson Police Department. "There is one suspect that is outstanding." 27-year-old Billy Hicks was booked on conspiracy; 18-year-old Avion Wilkins was booked on burglary, home invasion, conspiracy, and grand larceny of a firearm; and a 17-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl were taken to the Clark County Juvenile Hall."

CA: Oakland Robbery Victims Fight Off Robbers: "The owner of Oakland's Gourmet Market wishes it didn't happen. He says his nephew should have never fought off the suspected robbers when they came into his store at 1549 Jackson St. Thusday night. Two armed men barged into the store around 9:30 p.m. but their plan to hit the store and run off was foiled. Two customers and a cashier started punching the robbers. The robbers fired off shots striking the men, but they wouldn't stop fighting. Eventually one suspect escaped but the heroes were able to hold on to one robber, grab his gun and subdue him until Oakland Police got on the scene. One victim was shot in the chest, another in the neck and the last one in the arm. The store owner says the injuries weren't serious and that they are all in good condition".

Obama gunning for the Second Amendment: "This will seem like a strange way to open a piece of commentary, but the gun owners who voted for Barack Obama believing he respected Second Amendment rights remind me of the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. Specifically, I think of the scene from The Return of the Pink Panther in which Clouseau was getting a real dressing down from his superior, Chief Inspector Dreyfus. The issue was that Clouseau had naively stood by talking to a `blind' organ grinder outside a bank while the institution was being robbed. After Dreyfus pointed out that the organ grinder was the lookout for the thieves and Clouseau said that such a thing was impossible because the beggar was blind, Dreyfus asked how Clouseau knew this. Clouseau replied, `He told me so.' Quite frankly, this wasn't nearly as stupid as believing that a member of Chicago's socialist New Party, who was weaned in a black power church, was a gun caesar and not a gun seizer. And now Obama is in fact striking a blow against the Second Amendment."

DC: SAF challenges handgun ban scheme: “The Second Amendment Foundation and three Washington, D.C. residents today filed a lawsuit challenging a regulation by District of Columbia city government that arbitrarily bans handguns based on a roster of ‘acceptable’ handguns approved by the State of California. The District is using this list despite a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court last summer that protects handguns ‘that ordinary people traditionally use for self-defense.’ This scheme could eventually bar the ownership of any new handguns.”

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