Friday, March 20, 2009

OK: Thief dead. Owner shot: "One man, just identified by police as 40-year-old Rodger Dale McKnight, Jr. is dead. Broken Arrow Police say the other man, Randy Bryant, is considered the victim in this case. This all happened this morning around 7:30 in Broken Arrow at the Johanna Woods mobile home community. “Broken Arrow Police tell me no charges are expected to be filed against Randy Bryant, the owner of this home. “In critical condition at St. Francis, Bryant was shot in the chest with the same .32 handgun that killed McKnight. Police say, at this point, it’s being considered a case of self-defense....they learned that the homeowner just three doors down had been shot after a struggle with a man believed to have been trespassing and trying to break into a vehicle on the property”

Florida: Armed Homeowner Drives Away Intruder: "A Tampa man faces felony armed burglary charges after a home invasion in Lake Wales this morning. Police said two children, ages 3 and 3 months, were inside the home at 1261 Grove Ave. about 10:30 a.m. when a burglar pried open a rear sliding glass door with a crowbar. The startled homeowner fired off seven rounds from a .380 handgun. "It's a disturbing scene especially with children inside. I know the homeowner is shaken up right now," said Lake Wales Assistant Police Chief Christopher Velasquez. The bullets hit the suspect, 45-year-old Michael Collins, in the head and arm, police said. Collins had parked his van in the home's driveway and tried to drive away but crashed a couple hundred feet away in an orange grove, they added. Officers apprehended Collins, who was airlifted to Lakeland Regional Hospital for treatment for his injuries. He is expected to recover. Collins is charged with first-degree felony armed burglary and possession of burglary tools. Detectives said the homeowner did not know Collins prior to the home invasion."

Court decision blocks guns in national parks: “A judge on Thursday blocked a federal rule allowing people to carry concealed, loaded guns in U.S. national parks and wildlife refuges. The decision by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly halts a change in regulations issued in the waning days of the Bush administration and orders further review. She set an April 20 deadline for the Interior Department to review the rule and indicate its course of action in response to the injunction.”

Feds lift rule that threatened ammo shortage: “Gun owners concerned about growing shortages of ammunition nationwide got a bit of a reprieve this week when the Defense Department rescinded a rule requiring that spent military bullets be destroyed rather than reloaded for sale … That rule temporarily had cut off major ammunition manufacturers from their largest supply of brass casings, used to make popular .223- and .308-caliber ammunition for the public and law enforcement. Also hit hard under Defense’s no-sale rule were the folks at Georgia Arms, the … ammo dealer that is among the nation’s largest supplier of reloaded military cartridges. With no used brass coming in from government liquidators in recent weeks, the company’s production ground to a halt.”

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