Monday, March 23, 2009

Lack of gun bans keeps New Mexico safe: "During a recent visit with my sister in Oakland, Calif., our conversation turned to the crime rate in her city. She told me that the trend among armed robbers was what are termed "take over" robberies, during which one or more armed thugs would brandish weapons in a restaurant and not only rob the cash box, but also all of the customers. Any attempt to resist is likely to result in the shooting of an unarmed customer or worker. She was somewhat taken aback when I told her that that type of robbery "wasn't allowed" in New Mexico. I further explained that since we weren't in a (safe?) gun-free city, I could sit in any of my favorite cafes and count at least a half dozen people who were carrying firearms, concealed or openly. Our criminals in New Mexico are at least bright enough to see that the odds are against them in a take-over situation. Referring to the front page article in The Daily Times of March 15, I would first like to voice my support of our legislators who are supporting a revision of the law that would allow a concealed carry permit holder to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant where alcohol is served. Kudos to Sen. Bill Sharer for his belief that responsible adults are not the enemy."

Government taking guns: Ya gotta ask why: "What I want to know is why so many in government even want to take away guns at all. They'll never get the guns out of the hands of criminals, and there's no point in disarming the voters. Unless . naah, that's just conspiracy talk. What happens in other countries can't happen here. Just because their countries began with crisis, doesn't mean our similar crises will follow the formula and lead to taking our weapons. Just because their leaders lied to them about trust and transparency doesn't mean it will automatically happen here. Just because the people there didn't see it coming doesn't mean we . well, you fill in the rest."

NC: Bill to extend concealed carry sidetracked: “Gun supporters aiming to extend the right to carry concealed handguns into restaurants and parks where they are now banned had their hopes sidetracked. A measure to allow concealed-carry permit holders to carry their gun while visiting city and county parks was postponed Thursday in a House Judiciary committee. The sponsor also wanted to include state parks. Supporters also want to carry guns when eating in a restaurant that serves alcohol. A permit holder could lose that right for having a gun where alcohol is sold. That bill was sent to a subcommittee. Opponents said driving-while-impaired laws show people still drink when they shouldn’t, and mixing gun rights with alcohol sales is a bad idea.”

An alternative to “guns at work” laws: “Frankly, although I consider myself a fairly hardcore gun rights advocate, I am torn when it comes to this kind of law. I cannot easily dismiss the argument that a property owner has the right to prohibit pretty much anything on his or her property … On the other hand, some argue that fundamental human rights … are always inviolate, and that property owners cannot legitimately demand the surrender of such rights, even on their own property. It’s always a dilemma when rights collide. It seems to me that there is a way around the dilemma, though. Let property owners ban guns on their property, but in doing so, they take on the responsibility for the protection of anyone legitimately on that property.”

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