Monday, March 02, 2009

GA: Homeowners open fire on thieves: "A well-armed couple opened fire with an assault rifle and pistol early Friday morning on some car thieves in southwest Atlanta. The couple at a home in the 1900 block of Childress Drive told police that after somebody tried to steal their car last week, they rigged up a homemade alarm in their carport using string and cans. . about 2 a.m. Friday the cans started making noise, indicating intruders were in their carport. The couple swung into action. The husband picked up a pistol and ran outside to confront the thieves. The wife grabbed an AK-47 assault rife and joined her husband outside. They found several men driving off in their car. . They told police when the car thieves tried to shoot at them, they opened fire with his pistol and her AK-47. The thieves took off, leaving the couple's car behind. When police arrived they found shell casings littering the driveway and front yard, and the couple's car riddled with bullet holes."

Why they take guns from the people at all: "Paul Harvey, pioneer broadcaster of conservative news and comment in his content of patriotic topics and observations of marriage success models, passed away this weekend at the age of ninety. As consistent as such patriots tend to be, Paul Harvey was a supporter of the Armed Citizen, naturally. I have listened to him since 1968. n remarks made in 2000, Harvey noted how gun control was merely one step in the takeover of whole peoples around the world, with deaths numbering around 56 million in the last century alone. Totalitarian regimes begin as harmless and with good intentions, but they eventually get around to murder in the name of the state. . In his loyal warnings and remarks, Harvey described several case histories of nations who were disarmed before terror reigned. In case after case, nation after nation, as in the case of Nazi Germany and in Cambodia and elsewhere, millions of `educated' people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated."

VA: Kaine to veto guns-in-bars bill : "Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said today he would veto legislation passed by the General Assembly yesterday that would allow holders of concealed weapons permits to bring their hidden guns into establishments that serve alcohol. `I'm very nervous about the public safety impact of that bill,' the governor said on his monthly call-in radio show on WRVA in Richmond."

DC voting rights bill tied to gun laws: "The Senate approved a bill Thursday to provide the nation's capital with a voting representative in the House, but it came with a hitch. An amendment was added that would repeal most of the city's gun-control regulations. Approved by a 61-37 vote, the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act would expand the House for the first time since 1913, providing a vote for Washington and an additional seat for Utah, which narrowly missed getting one after the last census. The measure is likely to end up in the courts, however, even if a similar bill passes the House, as is expected next week. President Obama has said he will sign the legislation."

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