Saturday, March 21, 2009

FL: 19-year-old burglar shot, killed in North Naples: "For the second time in six months, Sterlin Misener Jr. heard an alarm sounding at his North Naples property Friday morning. And for the second time in this short period of time, the 44-year-old found himself face to face with an apparent burglary. In the first incident in October, four men, one with a gun, were arrested. Friday, Misener had his own gun and shot the alleged intruder, 19-year-old Patrick Hutchison, dead. Around 4 a.m., according to the Collier County Sheriff’s office, Misener caught Hutchison coming out of a family camper parked in the driveway at 91 Willoughby Drive. Misener told deputies Hutchison lunged at him and that’s when he shot him. Hutchison was pronounced dead at the scene. Though some friends and neighbors say Hutchison had been running with a bad crowd of late, they described him as a “good person,” happy and funny, who wasn’t aggressive.... According to Collier County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Karie Partington, the determination as to whether or not Misener would be charged with Hutchinson’s death would be up to the State Attorney’s Office. “The Sheriff’s Office does have an option of turning anything they’ve discovered over to us for review,” said State Attorney’s Office Spokeswoman Samantha Syoen. “At this point, we haven’t been contacted.”

Texas: Clerk trades gunfire with robbers: " Robbers used a shotgun Thursday evening to blast open the glass door of a west-side retail store in west Fort Worth, but a clerk shot back, police said. The two robbers fled the CC 99 Cent Plus Store in the 5700 block of Lovell Avenue, and the clerk was not hurt, said Lt. Paul Henderson, police spokesman. "It's unknown," he added, "if either suspect was hit." The incident happened around 8:35 p.m. at the store, which is near Lovell Avenue's intersection with Camp Bowie Boulevard. The two men wearing hooded sweatshirts breached the glass door and entered the store. They pointed the shotgun and a handgun at the clerk and demanded "all the money," Henderson said. But the 38-year-old clerk, crouching behind a counter, grabbed his own gun and fired several shots at the robbers, Henderson said. "The two would-be robbers fled the store as bullets flew past them," Henderson said."

Case Against Gun-Store Owner Dismissed: "An Arizona court on Wednesday dismissed the case against a gun-store owner accused of looking the other way while front men purchased weapons to deliver to Mexico's drug cartels. At the heart of the case was the X-Caliber gun store, where prosecutors alleged more than 700 high-powered rifles were sold to purchasers whom the owner, 47-year-old George Iknadosian, should have known were acting as so-called straw buyers for Mexican customers. Sales of most weapons to non-U.S. citizens north of the border are severely constrained, as is gun possession by civilians in Mexico. To get around those restrictions, Arizona officials alleged, Mr. Iknadosian allowed Arizonans with clean criminal records to buy weapons they would resell in Mexico, first by falsifying forms attesting that the firearms were for the purchasers' personal use. Witnesses in the case included several of these alleged straw buyers, who have pleaded guilty to charges that bring a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment. Yet in dismissing the 21 counts against Mr. Iknadosian, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Gottsfield ruled that the evidence prosecutors presented wasn't "material," and therefore didn't support charges against the defendant. "The state's case is based upon testimony of individuals who [alleged]...that they were the actual purchaser of the firearms when they were not," Judge Gottsfield wrote. He then indicated that such testimony, by itself, failed to establish that any additional unlawful conduct transpired.... State and federal authorities, including a task force supervised by the Phoenix office of the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, worked for 11 months with local police building a case against X-Caliber."

TN: House OKs loaded shotguns, rifles in cars: “The Tennessee House voted Thursday to allow people with handgun carry permits to also carry loaded rifles and shotguns in their vehicles. Representatives voted 82-10 to pass the bill sponsored by Rep. Henry Fincher, D-Cookeville, who said the change is needed to bring the law into line with what he called ‘common rural practices.’ Under current law, rifles and shotguns are considered loaded if ammunition is in the ‘immediate vicinity’ — even if the chamber of the weapon is empty. That means hunters and farmers are technically in violation if they carry both guns and ammunition in the cabs of their pickup trucks, Fincher said. … ‘We have a law that doesn’t make common sense, and is therefore at odds with common rural practices.’”

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