Sunday, October 17, 2010

CA: Band member shoots brawler: "Sacramento Police detain a member of a music band after a shooting at the outdoor patio of The Broiler restaurant on K and 12th streets. Police say a pair of men walking down K Street started a fight with people on the patio of The Broiler restaurant at 6:51 p.m. Saturday night. The altercation spread and a waiter even got involved, according to officers. That's when a member of the band pulled a gun and shot one of the two men fighting, hitting him in the upper body. That victim was taken to the hospital where he is expected to survive. Police aren't sure if they're even going to charge the band member who fired the shots, according to police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong, since witnesses say the shooting was self-defense."

Kansans to decide gun, voting rights: "The rights of gun owners and people with mental illnesses will be decided by Kansas voters next month. Two amendments seeking to clarify language in the state constitution are on the Nov. 2 ballot, referred to voters by state legislators. One amendment would establish that Kansas residents have an individual right to own a gun; the other would take away legislators’ authority to deny voting rights to the mentally ill. State Rep. Doug Gatewood, a Democrat from Columbus who approved both measures when they went through the Kansas Legislature, said the amendments, if approved by voters, wouldn’t necessarily change anything. They would instead provide constitutional protection of gun ownership and voting rights, which are already part of Kansans’ everyday life."

Gun Rights and Islamist Terrorism : "Law-abiding Americans must have the opportunity to get and use the guns they may need to protect their lives from maniacal Islamist terrorists. Recent news reports make this quite clear to anyone not blinded by political correctness. According to these reports, an Al Qaeda-affiliated magazine is urging individual Islamists in the United States to attack and kill as many Americans as they can in public gathering places. Inspire, an Internet magazine, even calls on Islamists to shoot up customers in downtown Washington, D.C. restaurants so they can murder federal workers and other Americans. The New York Daily News and The Washington Times reported this. Obviously, people who work in our Nation's Capital or anywhere else must be able to have guns in order to stop terrorists in their tracks, to prevent the killing and massacre of innocent people."

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