Monday, October 04, 2010

CO: Liquor store clerk won't be charged in shooting: "Two robbers who were shot last week when they tried to rob their second liquor store in a span of a few minutes are expected to survive their injuries, police said Friday. A liquor store clerk shot Marcel McMichael, 34, and Henry James, 37, on Sept. 22 when the pair — their faces covered and one of them brandishing a gun — stormed a liquor store near East Mississippi Avenue and South Tower Road. A liquor store clerk saw the men enter the business and produced a handgun he had hidden behind the counter. The suspects fled the store, and the armed suspect fired one round inside the business and one outside the business as he left. McMichael and Henry both have lengthy arrest records in Colorado dating back to the early 1990s"

FL: Woman fires back at shooter: "Alexander was “highly intoxicated” when he stepped onto his neighbor’s property on Marvin Lane in Southport and began yelling at her about her dogs, deputies wrote, adding that he had a .357 Magnum Taurus revolver in his hand. His neighbor, Janet Keesecker, 49, who works as a manager at a local gas station and was outside when Alexander arrived, grabbed her .38 special from her vehicle and tried to go back into her house, she said. But before she could get back into the house, Alexander fired, Keesecker said during a Sunday afternoon interview. “When he shot the first one, it just missed me,” she added. “I didn’t even know he was that close with his weapon.” Keesecker entered her house and fired once back at Alexander, she said. “I wasn’t aiming for anything. I thought if I just shot it he would leave,” she added. Instead of retreating, Alexander fired two more shots at Keesecker’s house. Alexander did not leave until Keesecker’s husband told him police had been called... Alexander is in jail and could not be reached for comment"

WA: Man whom police questioned about gun says rights violated: "A Spanaway man said his rights were violated by Pierce County sheriff’s deputies after he walked into a Starbucks wearing a handgun and was asked for identification. Tom Brewster said he carries a pistol with him just about everywhere he goes, so when he stopped by a Starbucks in Spanaway a couple of days ago, as he does every day, he was armed, as he is every day. ‘Soon as I got in line, the sheriff’s officer approached me from behind and asked, ‘Is that a gun? I’m going to need to see your ID,’ Brewster said. Brewster refused to comply. He said that being asked by a sheriff’s deputy simply because he was carrying a firearm was a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.”

WA: Student convicted in open-carry gun case: "A college student who got in a dispute with police officers over his right to ‘open carry’ nearly two years ago was convicted Thursday in Clark County District Court of unlawfully carrying a weapon. An attorney for Joshua R. Watson, 23, unsuccessfully argued to a jury of four men and two women that Watson was merely exercising his constitutional right to bear arms. The jurors sided with an assistant Vancouver city attorney, who argued that Watson flaunted his right to carry, forced a business to close early and in the process broke the law.”

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