Saturday, October 16, 2010

GA: No indictments in club shooting: "A Carroll County grand jury opted not to return a felony murder indictment against two security guards who shot and fatally wounded a Carrollton man following an altercation outside a nightclub. Court records show the grand jury on Oct. 5 returned a “no bill” against Kevin Ridley, 23, of Decatur, and Alec Uglum, 21, of Carrollton, in the April shooting of Octavis Mabry, 26, in the parking lot of L.C.’s Lounge at 2744 Carrollton-Villa Rica Highway, north of Carrollton. According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office the altercation was between Mabry and Latrampus Crowder, 22, also of Carrollton. Mabry was fatally shot after firing on Crowder and Ridley. Ridley and Uglum returned fire on Mabry, who was later pronounced dead at Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton."

PA: Castle Doctrine is approved by Senate and returned to House: "The Pennsylvania Senate approved legislation Thursday that would establish the Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania to protect gun owners who act in self-defense, according to Sen. Richard Alloway II, a Republican who represents Franklin County. House Bill 1926 will now return to the House of Representatives, where it has been supported by Todd Rock and Rob Kauffman, also Republicans who represent Franklin County. The amended legislation includes similar language to legislation Alloway introduced earlier this year. Under House Bill 1926, an individual would need to demonstrate a reasonable belief that he or she was in imminent danger in order to use lethal force."

New Wisconsin governor needed: "Morley and other gun rights activists are looking to the Nov. 2 gubernatorial election with the hope the state soon will pass a law allowing gun owners to carry concealed firearms. Wisconsin now requires handguns to be clearly displayed in a holster. Carrying a concealed weapon is a misdemeanor and carries a fine of $500, plus court costs. Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker has said he would sign a bill allowing gun owners to carry concealed firearms, despite voting against a bill as a state representative to make such a practice legal in the state. Gov. Jim Doyle has previously vetoed bills that would allow for concealed carry."

Foolish arguments about guns on campus: "Looking through comments on news stories dealing with conceal and carry on campus, most people immediately bring up the worst possible things that could happen if students were allowed to carry guns on campus. Allow me to shoot some holes (excuse the pun) in these arguments. College is stressful, no doubt, but so is life, whether you’re in college or not. Perhaps students should all be locked in padded rooms without sharp objects during every finals week? The possibility of students using guns while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is frightening, but people use cars every day under the influence. Should legislatures take away all the cars in the U.S. because only a percentage of the population is too irresponsible to use them correctly? Is this kindergarten?"

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