Thursday, October 28, 2010

TX: Man shoots robber at his house: "Taylor police said Quinnton Gault [above], 22, is charged with aggravated robbery after he broke into the home of James Baldwin. Police said Gault used a knife to rob Baldwin of his wallet and cell phone. But as he left, Baldwin shot Gault with a 22-revolver. Gault ran away, but police found him hiding in the bushes near the home later with a gunshot wound to his side. "You have the right to protect yourself in your home," said Daniel Ramsay, assistant police chief. "We don't encourage anyone the fire a firearm because we don't know where the bullet is going to go." Doctors did remove the bullet from Gault. He was arrested after being discharged from the hospital."

New York City’s Dumb Gun Laws Could Get Dumber: "So apparently New York City is proposing new criteria for would-be gun-owners – banning folks from having weapons if they happen to be lousy drivers, been fired from a job due to bad character, or in possession of serious debt. According to council-member Dan Halloran, these changes give police more power to reject licenses, in order to counter a possible upswing in gun ownership caused by new, lower fees. But I must ask: how does being a bad driver, make you a bad person? And getting fired? I’ve been canned three times – does that mean I can’t have a glock? But there’s something else here that stinks. If the government can link certain good behaviors to gun ownership, who’s going to define what’s good? Think about it. Your fitness to own a gun might only be approved as long as you fulfill a strict criteria that appeals only to the modern, annoying civil servant. Perhaps, to own a gun, you’ll have to possess an impeccable recycling history and ban trans-fats from your kids diet".

OH: Two more die behind a “no guns” sign: "There was a double murder on Friday at Park-Ohio in Cleveland. The business has ‘no guns’ signs posted, but as we have seen demonstrated many times, killers do not obey the signs. The victims always obey them, and are dead. Maybe that was part of the killer’s plans. The accused killer was a former employee. He knew company policy and protocol. He likely knew of the ‘no guns’ signs and that neither his victims, nor any of their co-workers would be able to stop him. Police say Graciela Morales was shot and killed in her car in the parking lot. Then the killer used her ID to enter the building where he killed Eduardo Pupo.”

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