Thursday, October 07, 2010

OR: Murder verdict: not guilty: "During the trial, Marchant's attorneys argued that the May 9, 2009, shooting death of Everett Briley was self-defense. According to reports and testimony, Marchant shot Briley that day in front of their homes after the two had spent the day together drinking and playing golf. Marchant told police he had argued with Briley and was forced to shoot him because Briley threatened him with a samurai sword. Briley later died. During testimony Marchant expressed regret for shooting Briley, saying he had no choice to fire his gun or else he felt he would have been stabbed by the sword Briley was wielding."

AZ: Yavapai supervisors reject victim disarmament in county buildings: "After several residents spoke about their right to carry firearms under the Second Amendment and the state Constitution, the county supervisors took no action Monday on a proposal for people to check their guns at the door when entering county buildings. Sheriff Steven Waugh said that a law passed a year ago says that gun lockers and warning signs can be provided at the entrances to government buildings to prevent people from bringing guns inside and asked the supervisors to discuss the issue. ‘In some offices employees are intimidated by folks that bring in firearms strapped to their sides,’ Waugh said, adding that in some situations those gun-toting people can be ‘hostile’ to unarmed county employees.”

Nothing “common sense” in gun control: "One of the favorite phrases of the would-be gun grabbers is the phrase ‘common sense gun control.’ The argument is that regulating guns, at least to some extent, is perfectly normal and necessary. Using that particular terminology is designed to paint anyone who opposes such regulations as lacking in that very same common sense. The truth of the matter is that gun control isn’t common sense in any way.”

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