Monday, October 04, 2010

NY: Rikers Island Guard Shot by Cops

(Bronx, New York) This incident could have ended much worse.
Department of Correction officer Victor Hernandez was shot by cops in the Bronx yesterday after he refused to lower his weapon outside of a Bronx club.

Hernandez, 35, was thrown out of Club Legend on 161st Street early Saturday morning after allegedly making a pass at another man's girlfriend, and pedestrians called 911 after seeing him stumbling down the block with his gun at his side.

Plainclothes cops arrived and ordered Hernandez to drop his weapon. Hernandez raised his gun, and police fired 20 shots at him. They hit him in the arm once.
Rather than recommend the responding officers go and requalify at the shooting range, I'd suggest they were trying to defuse the situation without a fatality. Think about it, how many NYPD officers want a reputation as the guy who killed a fellow cop?

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