Friday, October 29, 2010

MI: Man won't face charges in road rage death: "Prosecutors will not levy charges against the shooter who killed a 34-year-old Shelby Township man during a traffic altercation in February. Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Bill Cataldo said Thursday that the man, who is not being named, acted in self-defense when he fired at Anton "Tony" Djeljevic around 10:15 p.m. Feb. 6. The violence was spurred by road rage that began at a traffic light on Hall Road near Groesbeck in Clinton Township, authorities said. Cataldo said the driver attempted to get back into his vehicle but Djeljevic grabbed, punched and restrained the man, while one of Djeljevic's relatives stood by "armed with a champagne bottle." The man retrieved his gun from the glove compartment, loaded a magazine and shot at Djeljevic. The shooter had a concealed pistol license and proper registration, Cataldo added."

A gun-using beauty pageant: "The conservative young women of America had better get into training now, says Tim Murphy at Mother Jones. Registration has opened for Miss Liberty America …. Would-be queens will parade in a one-piece swimsuit (adhering to the ‘minimum standards of modesty’) and an evening gown, demonstrate a talent, answer questions regarding the documents of America’s founding fathers, and compete in marksmanship. … ‘This will be the first pageant of its kind to introduce competency in the handling, safety and use of firearms, and CPR,’ say the organizers. ‘The contestants must be able to save a life as well as defend one.”

AZ: Phoenix censors gun safety for kids: "The city of Phoenix, in an apparently arbitrary move and without formal legal process, has forced CBS Outdoors to tear down 50 illuminated bus-shelter billboards under contract to promote gun safety training for children and their parents. The posters were placed by, a commercial joint-educational effort of the firearms industry in Arizona … ‘The Phoenix attorney’s office claimed these were public service announcements, and those are banned,’ said Alan Korwin, manager of the TrainMeAZ campaign … ‘It’s a bogus excuse — and they know full well we’re an LLC and not a non-profit. The commercial sponsors, shooting ranges and trainers on the website expect to attract customers.”

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