Monday, October 18, 2010

A Wisconsin judge who “gets it” about the right to self-defense: "Wednesday, a Wisconsin judge threw out, on Constitutional grounds, charges against a man accused of violating Wisconsin’s prohibition against carrying concealed weapons …. as of this moment, the ruling will have little effect outside Judge Counsell’s own court. The defense attorney who made the successful motion to dismiss the case, however, expects the ruling to be appealed, and that the case will end up, in his words, in ‘either the Wisconsin Supreme Court and or the United States Supreme Court,’ before this is over. Needless to say, the anti-self-defense lobby is nearly apoplectic.”

What happens when you haven't got a gun: "A man hiking in a US national park was gored and killed by an aggressive mountain goat, reports say. The Peninsula Daily News in Washington state, on the northwest coast of the US, said Bob Boardman, 63, of Port Angeles, had gone for a day hike in Olympic National Park with his wife and a friend when the goat approached them as they stopped for lunch. When the goat began behaving aggressively, Mr Boardman urged the others to leave and tried to shoo the animal away. The goat then attacked Mr Boardman, goring him in the thigh, and stood over him as he lay bleeding on the ground. An off-duty park ranger shook a blanket at the goat and pelted it with rocks until it moved far enough away for rescuers to begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mr Boardman. However, efforts to revive him were unsuccessful"

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