Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miss.: Officials Say Shooting Was Self-Defense: "Investigators say self-defense was the motive for a shooting that left a teenager dead in Forest. Officials say the man who fired the shot had just returned home from work around 1:30 a.m. Oct. 14 when a teenager knocked on his door twice. "A couple of minutes later, there was a big knock on the door and at that time, it kind of bothered him," said Roncali. "And he went and got his gun and approached and the door, and at the time he opened the door, he said a ball bat hit him across the arm. He said he hit him across the arm and the person said, 'Give it up,' and at that time, he says he shot one time." The deceased is identified as 19-year-old Eddie Darnell Gilbert."

MI: One out of three robbers killed: "Calm and collected, a Flint homeowner Monday described shooting and killing a teenager who he says pulled a gun on him in his driveway. Police say that teen, 17-year-old Willis Arrington, and two others were trying to rob him. The two surviving teenagers were charged. "He slid over the hood of the car with a mask on his face a gun in hand and he said, 'Mother******, give it up,'" the homeowner said. "I bend down, go into my pocket, pull my gun out. He shoots. I shoot." The homeowner fired three shots at the guy with the gun who police identified as 17-year-old Willis Arrington, a Northwestern High School athlete. He died that night. The rest of the shots were aimed two others: Arrington's 16-year-old brother and a 17 year old"

FL: Robber shot in head; dies: "A man shot in the head during a bakery robbery last week has died, police say. Michael Messer, 67, was in grave condition after the shooting that occurred at the Wonder Hostess bakery outlet on North Florida Avenue last Wednesday. According to officers, Messer and his girlfriend robbed the store and then Messer tried to break into a Corvette in the parking lot. The car alarm went off, and the vehicle's owner, who worked at the store, came outside with a gun. Toney Anthony Price tussled with Messer, trying to hold him until police arrived, but investigators say the gun went off and struck Messer in the head. Messer died Sunday at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. Police have not filed any charges in the case".

NC: One killed in attempted robbery: "The robbery happened shortly before 6 p.m. at Shoeheel Grill, Grocery and Gas at 8212 Old Beulah Road in Kenly, Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said. The owner, his son and two female employees were the only people in the store when a man walked in and displayed a weapon, Bizzell said. The man pointed the gun at the owner’s son. The owner came from a back room with a weapon. The two exchanged gunfire in the store. The suspect was shot but made it outside to his van, Bizzell said. The owner also went outside and noticed a second suspect in the parking lot, Bizzell said. At this point, the owner had gotten a second weapon. The second suspect began firing a rifle at the owner, who returned fire.”

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