Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would-be Detroit carjacker killed: "A would-be carjacker is dead after police said he was shot and killed by the person whose car he was trying to take on Detroit's west side. A 36-year-old man pumping gas into his SUV was approached by the suspect at Schaefer and Fenkell around 7 p.m. Tuesday, Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said. The suspect had a gun and demanded the vehicle, she said. The would-be carjacker shot the man at the gas station in the face, she said. The driver returned fire killing the suspect. The Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office identified the alleged carjacker as Kenyon Reese Jr., 20, from Detroit. He died of multiple gunshot wounds. "At this point, it appears self-defense, but that will have to come officially from the prosecutor," Stephens said. The man shot in the face was listed in serious condition at a Detroit hospital today"

Off-duty cop shoots tap room bandit in NE Phila.: "About six other people were in the bar, including two off-duty police officers. About 10 minutes later, the man returned with two other men and announced a stickup at gunpoint. A robber pointed a gun to the head of one of the off-duty officers, who took his money out, threw it on the floor and got down. On the floor, the officer slowly pulled out his off-duty handgun and then fired several times at the thieves, prompting them to flee with about $1,000 from the cash register and a wallet containing the other off-duty officer's ID and badge. The officer gave chase and he fired again when one of the bandits turned toward him while getting into a dark colored Honda parked in the alley next to the bar. About 30 minutes later, a man whose clothes fit the description of one of the robbers arrived in a dark colored Honda at Albert Einstein Medical Center with a bullet slug in his chest."

TN: Haslam would agree to ending handgun permits: "Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Haslam has told a gun rights group he would sign legislation into law to eliminate Tennessee’s requirements for carrying handguns in public. Haslam in a discussion with members of the Tennessee Firearms Association on Monday night noted that the state’s permitting process was used as justification for expanding areas where guns can be carried, such as into state parks or bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. ‘If the Legislature passed that and brought that to me, I said I would sign it,’ Haslam said.”

How can New Jersey imprison a gun owner who broke no laws?: "Brian’s firearms were unloaded & locked in the trunk of his car exactly as New Jersey State Law requires…Brian knew how to do this because he had called the New Jersey State Police days earlier to ensure he was in compliance with the law…a fact the Judge ruled inadmissible in the court room. Now, this 26 year old small business owner—with no prior criminal record—is sitting in jail for 7 years simply because a Judge, since removed for misconduct in a different case, refused to allow the jury to apply the state law that allows abiding gun owners to transport their legally owned firearms from one house to another".

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