Sunday, February 03, 2013

Black Illinois State Representative Ken Hunter Says Chicago has tried to keep guns from the black community because they have higher concentrations of crime

In a candid and honest response to a question at a town hall on February 2nd, 2013, Representative Hunter says that because the Black community has more crime than White communities, they have been historically kept from having guns. Representative Hunter must be given credit for not being sure that the approach has worked. Here is a transcript of that portion of the video.

Chicago Town Hall, 3rd Legislative District:

At 1:38:35 to 1:39:40, State Representative Ken Duncan, when asked why do 49 states have concealed carry legislation and we don't, says:

" The City of Chicago, Historically their opposition toward concealed and carry has been significant, keep in mind the lion's share of the bulk of us represent this metropolitan area, and keep in mind the lion's share of the abject poverty and crime, even though in every state in the Union, there are more poor whites on public welfare, in every state, the crime, the concentration of crime, and again, the abject poverty exists, exists exclusively and criminally in our community.

And so this city has sought to kind a play a regulatory role for reducing the activity of guns trafficking in the city. Has it worked? But that, to answer your question, and the Speaker of our house as you know, like most of us know, that if it hit the house floor, it would pass."

Video of town hall link

Clearly, the old approach of keeping poor black folks from having legal guns has failed. Perhaps it is time to try a new approach, of allowing responsible, honest black people to have guns to defend themselves from the predators in their community. It has worked where it has been tried.

Dean Weingarten

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