Saturday, March 02, 2013

AZ:Opportunity for Cheap Guns, Phoenix turn in events in May 2013

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has announced that he will be arranging a gun turn in for every Saturday during the month of May. Locations have yet to be announced, or what will be used as incentives for the turn ins.

Called by the propaganda term “buy back” the programs insinuate that all firearms belong to the government, when in fact the guns were never owned by the government.

This is a prime opportunity for Constitutionalists to have fun and the possibility of picking up some decent guns for very good prices. It appears that Mayor Stanton has $100,000 to play with, donated by Arizonans for Gun Safety, a citizens disarmament group. No one is saying where the money came from, except that it was an anonymous donor.

It is easy to understand why a donor would not want their name associated with such foolishness.

If the Mayor is smart, he will follow the example of Falmouth Maine, where the guns gathered were sold, and the proceeds were given to the special Olympics.

The practice of appearing at these events has caught fire this year, with numerous activists showing up and obtaining nice firearms for good prices:

NM:More than 300 guns sold at sheriff buy back event(and private sales!)

PA:Gun Buyback Met With Competition In Bensalem.

Outside, a group of gun advocates set up a table offering a better price to people carrying high-quality weapons.

Second Gun Buyback Nets 42 Weapons

Also in front of the church were people offering to buy the guns off of people before they reached the buyback event.


NM: City’s gun buy-back program nets hundreds of weapons

Outside the police station, a group of four or five men gathered to offer cash to people who were bringing guns in.

Gun buyback in Cincinnati collects 135 weapons

The Cincinnati Enquirer ( ) reports that a federally licensed gun dealer showed up to provide some competition. He bought a dozen weapons for $40 to $100 by standing outside the church with a sign that read “Cash 4 Guns.”

Several good deals made at Lansing Gun Turn in

MI:100+ Guns Turned in for Gun Buyback

Just outside where the buyback program was being held pro gun activists were offering cash for guns.

NM:Police harass legal buyers at Santa Fe Gun Turn In

Seattle has gun Turn in, Private buyers save guns

Tucson Gun Turn in - First Hand Account

AZ:Former Senator Offers Better Alternative to Gun Turn In

A Reader Reports from the Hartford CT Gun Buyback

Cleveland Gun Buyback Program Attracts Buyers Offering Cash for Guns (VIDEO) (OH)

The Detroit PD Doesn’t Like Competition(MI)

Gun-buying enthusiasts crash firearms ‘turn-in’ event at Memorial Coliseum(OR)

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jespasinthru said...

I believe that most of the firearms turned in at these gun buybacks were used to commit crimes. Why else would somebody surrender a perfectly good weapon for chump change? The cops buy them from the public with no questions asked, and then they are allegedly destroyed. Of course, we know the best and most expensive ones wind up in the possession of police officers. However, it's still a good way to ditch a hot piece that wasn't yours to begin with, and even get paid for disposing of the evidence.

Dean Weingarten said...

The guns turned in are nearly all in two categories:

1. Old, cheap, broken junk that is worth less than the incentive offered.

2. Decent guns inherited by someone who knows nothing about guns and isn't willing to take them to a gun show or a dealer to find the real value.

Most guns at these events have their serial numbers checked. While information on this is sparse, it appears that less than two percent are found to have been stolen.

These events are simply political theater designed to demonize guns and gun ownership.