Monday, October 14, 2013

Connecticut gun group shows Gov. Malloy does not understand law he signed

David Codrea from Gun Rights Examiner gives us the following:

Governor Dannel Malloy does not understand a law pertaining to “large capacity magazines” that he demanded, promoted and signed, Connecticut Citizens Defense League documented yesterday following statements the governor made on a local radio program.
Malloy’s “legal” response to a caller on Milford’s “Chaz & AJ in the Morning” show was dangerously off-base, CCDL charged. Asked if it would be legal to carry two 14-round magazines limited to 10 rounds in each one, the governor’s advice could subject anyone heeding it to prosecution.
“First of all what you have to do is disclose,” Malloy told the caller. “There’s a way to disclose that you have them and you’re grandfathered in. So, that’s how our law works in Connecticut. You don’t lose the right to have them; you just have to say that you have them.
“‘Hey, I’m Joe. I’ve got two of these,’ and that’s it,” Malloy continued. “So the limitations that you’re fearing aren’t necessarily in our bill. They are -- I think you’re referring to New York’s law, quite frankly, and New York has a different set of laws than we do.”

“The Governor is mistaken,” CCDL warned. “The law he signed … back in April does indeed prevent someone from carrying a so-called ‘large capacity magazine’ even if it is properly declared, and absolutely limits the number of bullets to 10.”

Connecticut’s law requiring a magazine be “within” the firearm “limit[s] the number of declared ‘large capacity magazines’ one is able to carry, along with the number of bullets it can contain” CCDL explained “For the governor’s statement to be true you would need to carry multiple guns or find a gun [that] holds two or more magazines.

"The fact is that we have a Governor that signed a colossal piece of legislation that he himself does not understand," CCDL President Scott Wilson told Gun Rights Examiner. "I can only hope that Governor Malloy got a clue as to how convoluted and difficult this new law is after making the statement he made on the radio."

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