Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seattle public libraries opt to obey the law…finally by Dave Workman

The long-standing, and wholly illegal, ban on guns in Seattle’s public libraries comes to an end next week, according to Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat, who reports today that the rule change was a long time coming, more than a year after a Second Amendment Foundation legal victory defending state preemption was allowed to stand by the State Supreme Court.

This policy change is as late as an overdue book, and Times readers are having some fun with it.

In recognition of this announcement, SAF and this column will donate an autographed copy of Washington Times Senior Editor Emily Miller’s recently-released “Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants to Take Yours” to the Seattle Public Library. The book describes Miller’s efforts to buy a handgun for personal protection in the District of Columbia, where she lives.

UPDATE: Miller writes, via private e-mail, "I love it!!!"

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