Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gun rights advocates must not 'negotiate' with anti-gun zealots by Kurt Hoffman

Kurt does his usual good job of explaining  below.  The link to the complete article is at the end.

As Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman reported yesterday, rumor has it that the NRA is in negotiations with anti-gun fanatic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on new legislation to turn non-violent "gun crimes" into felonies, requiring long prison times for mere possession of an "illegal gun":
Two more people were murdered and 14 other wounded in weekend shootings in Chicago, according to today’s Chicago Sun-Times, but according to today’s Capitol Fax blog, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s lobbyists “are engaged in serious talks with the NRA” about how to crack down on criminals and lower the body count.
Presumably, the legislation under discussion is Illinois House Bill 2265, discussed here earlier this month (which also seems to have the behind-the-scenes support of rabidly anti-gun NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg), and/or the identical language, introduced by HB 2265's sponsor, Rep. Mike Zalewski (D-Chicago), as an amendment to SB 1342, which has already passed (as an entirely different and unrelated bill) in the Senate. If Zalewski's amendment is approved, and SB 1342 passes in the House, the amended bill would have to return to the Senate for that chamber's concurrence.
As this column observed previously about HB 2265:
Under HB 2265, carrying a loaded firearm without a permit, or even an unloaded one, with ammunition "immediately accessible," would be a felony, for which the judge must sentence the offender to three to seven years in prison. A second offense would make it five to ten years.
Furthermore, if "caught" carrying a gun before the state's concealed carry law finally goes into effect, you become a felon for exercising a right that the federal court system has already ruled is guaranteed in the Constitution:

More at St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner here

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