Thursday, October 31, 2013

TX: Louisiana Man Shoots Suspected Robber (Houston)

Leaving the scene of a shoot may be a good tactical decision, especially if you are a stranger in the neighborhood.   Robbers may have accomplices, relatives, and associates.  The police usually accept the first account given to them as the baseline, and judge others against it.  That is why it pays to be the first one to call the police.  Just remember that everything you say on 911 is recorded and can be used against you.   

HOUSTON -– A robber chose the wrong person to try and steal from and ended up getting shot, Houston police said late Tuesday.

According to officers with the Houston Police Department, it happened as two brothers were in their car outside an apartment complex on Northborough Drive at Rushcreek Drive. As the men waited for a girlfriend to come outside, the would-be robber walked up and pushed a gun through the driver’s window.

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