Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gun Free Zones are Designed to Spread, Like Smallpox

The ugly truth is that gun free zones are not about irrational dreams of safety. They are about power and control. The irrational spouting about safety is just a way to get emotional support from those who do not think about the issue.

Gun free zones are just another incremental way to move toward total control. The idea is simple: make an example of a place where guns are not allowed, with no rational reason other than “we do not tolerated armed citizens *here*” . This lends legitimacy to the thought that citizens with guns are a bad thing, and the idea that more such zones should be created and encouraged. Havn’t we all heard a variant of “If we do not allow guns in (school, legislature, church) then we certainly should not allow them in (school, legislature, church, parking lot, mall, store, DC.)

Gun free zones are designed to grow and spread, like small pox.

The other purpose of gun free zones is to make carrying a gun as uncomfortable, legally dangerous, and impractical as possible. Look at any map that shows the impact of the insane “Gun Free School Zone” act of 1996. In any urban area, it becomes impossible to conduct business in a normal manner while carrying a gun that is not licensed in that state, without breaking the law.
Neither of these clear purposes is discussed openly by those who detest free citizens; fear the strength that they gain from carrying guns and the independent mindset that it fosters.

Liberal fascism, all that is left of what was  "progressivism",  is based on lies, derives its power from lies, and cannot exist when its lies are exposed.

 by Dean Weingarten (edited and updated from a comment on a forum in 2011)
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Wireless.Phil said...

I've been in this building for over 6 years and we have a sign similar to this on all doors.

A Military Vet shot and killed himself inside this same building this summer.

The signs are both pointless and meaningless!

Bill from Detroit said...

Where can I obtain a small supply of stickers like the above?