Friday, October 11, 2013

Pakistan:Armed Shopkeepers Capture and Torture Robbers,

FAISALABAD, Oct 8: Traders subjected two robbers to severe torture, leaving one of them dead, after a vendor was shot dead during a robbery bid at a jewellery shop at Mamunkanjan on Tuesday.

Two robbers entered the shop owned by Shahid in Purana Dakhana Bazaar, Mamunkanjan. As the shop owner put up resistance, the panicked outlaws opened indiscriminate fire. A bullet hit Tanveer Ali, a vendor present outside the shop, who died on the spot.

The traders retaliated the fire and forced the robbers to flee the market. They gave a chase to outlaws and finally nabbed them.

The furious traders subjected the both robbers to severe torture and tied one of them to a pole and dowsed him with petrol as the mob gathering there chanted slogans demanding the outlaws be set on fire.

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