Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Op-Ed: California - Living Proof of the Slippery Slope of Rational Apathy

"It started with a coffee date. Now I'm married with kids. How the heck did that happen?"

How indeed? Life sneaks up on us. Change occurs in tiny increments. Before you know it, the order of life has been inverted.

It's the same with the law. Aristotle knew what he was talking about when he wrote "Jealously maintain...the spirit of obedience to law, more especially in small matters; for transgression creeps in unperceived and at last ruins the state, just as the constant recurrence of small expenses in time eats up a fortune."

The California slippery slope of anti-freedom legislation – whatever the political agenda – has been a model for the rest of the nation. This is the ceaseless, incremental strategy of the California gun control movement that continues to this day. On gun control, thankfully, the rest of the nation has mostly failed to follow. But here in the Golden State, the Golden Rule of gun control has always been to swipe freedoms one small step at a time. Over, and over, and over again.

The "slippery slope" is legal jargon for the decline of a rule or law once exceptions are made. It matters not if it is religious law, the Bill of Rights, or even the rules you make for yourself – the first step is one tiny “exception.” Pass a law that chisels one corner off a right, and after a while another politician will want to lob off another corner. Soon, the cherished right ceases to exist – death of your right by incremental steps. California is now the poster child for gun control's inevitable civil rights mud slide into history's open grave.

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