Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mississippi Supreme Court Upholds End to 'Hiding in Plain Sight' (open carry)

While this article is nearly a month old, it is very well written, and gives all the history and arguments in an easily understood format.

A recent decision by the Mississippi Supreme Court may finally have laid to rest the state's status as home to one of the nation's most rigidly interpreted concealed weapons laws, as well as ending one of the oddest recent episodes of gun-related litigation in the US.

At the beginning of 2013, Mississippi—like most states—prohibited the carrying of handguns and certain other weapons concealed without a permit. 

However, unlike any other state's "concealed" carry statute, Mississippi's statute prohibited carrying a weapon concealed "in whole or in part," a provision that had been read absolutely literally since the Mississippi Supreme Court's 1908 decision in Martin v. State. Under Mississippi law, as Attorney General Jim Hood noted in a 2012 opinion, the law prohibited concealing any part of a weapon whatsoever.

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