Saturday, October 26, 2013

Open Carry Becoming Cool in Dallas

If you were driving south on Green Oaks Boulevard in Arlington on Thursday around 7 p.m., your headlights might have caught a glimpse of a group of people walking along the sidewalk carrying what looked like rifles and shotguns over their shoulders. No, the fading dusk wasn't messing with your vision. Yes, those were really long guns slung across their backs.

A group called Open Carry Texas was expressing their Second Amendment right with a group of about 20, including two preschoolers. They walked from an Albertson's parking lot, up north for a bit (a mile or so), then back south, past a church where an officer in a cop car was keeping an eye on things.

Cars honked and some folks hung out their windows and hollered in support. The marchers hollered back. When asked for a photograph, they couldn't have been nicer and waved for the camera like queens on a float. The walk continued to a Starbucks, where only one of the marchers went in and the others stayed outside. Eventually they all posed for a group picture in front of Starbucks, then carried on.

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Unknown said...

they have Albertsons in texas now?