Wednesday, October 09, 2013

OR: Examples of Concealed Weapons Carriers

Editor's note: Compiled from responses submitted to reporter Rick Bella, who asked readers to share their stories and observations about getting a concealed handgun license and carrying concealed weapons. Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Watch for Bella's full report Tuesday on Oregonlive and Wednesday in The Oregonian. 

Ed Hurtley

I have had a Multnomah County-issued CHL for about 2.5 years now. I took a class with an instructor that was a referral from a friend. The class was very well run, and had a mix of people; white, minority, male, female, liberal, conservative. I have only carried my weapon concealed about 1/10th of the time since getting my CHL, although I do admit that I carry it more frequently after major events (Clackamas Town Center shooting).

I also carry it more often when going to certain events that I consider "higher-risk", like political events. (Yes, I carry for self-defense at political events. I am active in the Democratic Party, and with current right-wing "nutjobs" I see, I have a serious fear of having one show up to a Democratic Party event.) I comply with all federal, state and local laws regarding the carry of weapons.
When I got my CHL, the licensing process was painless and quick. I hear from friends who have gotten theirs more recently that it is still painless, but not nearly as quick. I have never pulled my weapon in self-defense, although I did reach for it once -- in a bike repair shop. A mechanic in the back was doing some work when I heard a REALLY loud "BANG." Then the mechanic fell down. I started to reach for my weapon when I realized he has just blown out a bike tire by overinflating it, and just fell down from shock.

One common stereotype of people with CHLs is that they are George Zimmerman-like vigilantes or "wannabe police," and tend to be conservative white males. But I know many women and minorities (racial, sexual orientation, and gender-identity minorities) who carry for pure self-defense. Some of them have been victims of hate crimes and now carry a weapon in the name of "Never again."

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