Sunday, March 23, 2014

AL: Gun Reform Bill Passes Senate 20-7

Alabama SB 354  passed the senate on Wednesday by the wide margin of 20 - 7.

The bill includes vehicles as an extension of the home for purposes of carrying firearms, recognizing the right to bear arms extends to a person's vehicle, where a great deal of time is spent in modern society.  This is especially helpful to the growing number of people who live in recreational vehicles and travel about the country.

The bill makes clear that open carry of firearms is not disorderly conduct.  In the section dealing with definitions of disorderly conduct, the bill reads:
"The mere lawful carrying of a visible, holstered or secured  firearm in a public place, in and of itself, shall not be a violation of this section."
This reform follows the trend in other legislatures such as Wisconsin and Utah, where the law has been clarified to prevent the use of a disorderly conduct charge to abuse citizens who are exercising their second amendment rights.

The effect of the bill would be to make Alabama considerably more friendly to the open carry of firearms.

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Is 'Stand your ground' coming to Ohio?
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