Wednesday, March 19, 2014

IN: Victim of Gun Crime Waits For Governor to Sign Reform

Martin Hensley Photo/ WISH Jeff Wagner

An Indiana TV station is claiming that the arrest and conviction of a prominent radio personality, Marty Hensley, is a major reason for the gun law reform currently heading to Governor Pence's desk.  From  WISH of Indianapolis:
The bill passed the Indiana House Thursday night, and the man whose crime triggered the bill hopes the Governor signs off on it.

Marty Hensley said carrying a gun in your car wasn’t out of the ordinary back when he was a student several years ago.
 Apparently, Mr. Hensley was visiting his daughters at their school, and knowing that he was not allowed to bring his personal defensive firearm into the school because of the federal gun free school zone law, left it in his vehicle.   He wore his empty holster into the school.  From WTHR-TV:
"The law allows a person to have a gun in their vehicle if they're on school property if they're dropping off or picking up their child. If they're gonna be spending any amount of time at the school longer than that drop-off period or pick-up period, that's when it becomes a violation of the law."
Perhaps this has been a hot topic in Indianapolis, but I have read a number of articles about the law over the last few months, and this is the first that I have heard of it. 

It is not surprising that those opposed to the reform would fail to mention a victim of the law.   Hensley says that he hopes the reform will prevent future abuses.
“I really didn’t know that there was a problem with having a gun in my vehicle and I think most people didn’t know,” Hensley said.

That’s why a bill is one step away from making sure other licensed gun owners don’t slip up like he did.

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