Monday, March 24, 2014

TX:Victim Attempts Disarm, is Shot in Foot

While it appears that victims are generally better at disarming criminals, than criminals are at disarming victims, it is a very dangerous business that should not be attempted lightly.  From Henderson Co.,
Henderson Police say the suspect tried to rob the victim at gunpoint, but the victim fought back and tried to get the gun.

Police say the gun went off during the struggle and the victim was shot in the foot.
It is possible that being shot in the foot was an acceptable trade-off.  There is not enough in the story to determine if that were so, and it is a subjective judgment.

The general advise is, if you are within five  feet, and believe that you are going to be shot in any case, look for your chance to do a disarm.  Practice is advised.  If you think that all that is wanted is money, most would judge that a disarm technique is not worth the risk.

From personal experience, practicing disarming techniques has a fair amount of risk involved.  One friend suffered a nasty cut (not knife related), an old girlfriend ended up with a strained, but not broken, finger.    Use mock guns for these techniques, and  gloves.    It is harder to do a successful disarm  on a small gun than it is a large gun.   There is simply more leverage to use on a larger gun.  If you must do it, act fast and ruthlessly.  Concentrate on the weapon, and realize that you may take some punishment in the process.

Another old adage: rush a gun, run from a knife.

If you are on the other side of the equation, do not let your adversary get too close, and do not hold the gun out there where they can grab it easily.  If you have a pistol, hold it close to the body and use your off hand to prevent a disarm attempt.

Nearly everyone understands that someone attempting to take your firearm presents a deadly threat.   Shooting the person attempting to  disarm you is probably justified.

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