Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IL:State Supreme Court strikes down eavesdropping law

 An unconstitutional law never was constitutional to start with.  This woman should get a six figure payout from the judge who put her in jail and the arresting officers.  Not likely in corrupt Chicago.

Hours after the Illinois Supreme Court struck down the state’s eavesdropping statute on Thursday, Annabel Melongo reflected on the 20 months she spent locked up in the Cook County Jail under the now-unconstitutional law.

Melongo said she had been ordered held on a six-figure bond typically given repeat or violent offenders for recording three telephone conversations she had with a court reporter supervisor at the Leighton Criminal Court Building about the policy for correcting a hearing transcript.

“It’s not easy,” Melongo, 41, a Cameroon native who came to the U.S. after studying in Germany, said of her time in jail. “I went through all the emotional states you can imagine. Sometimes I was crying, sometimes I could not sleep.”

“And I don’t even...” she said, breaking off before describing being accosted by another inmate. “They say what doesn’t kill you makes you strong and believe me, when I got out of jail, there’s nothing in the world that can actually kill me now.”

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great Unknown said...

Unfortunately, the Judge and prosecutors have absolute immunity. And it is likely that the police will be covered by qualified immunity.

At least she wasn't tortured, a common tactic of the Chicago KGB.

Wireless.Phil said...

Having worked in Chicago several times on assignments, there is one thing I learned.
That is stay the hell out of the city of Chicago and state of Illinois!

Dean Weingarten said...

From what she does not say, it is far from clear that she was not tortured.