Thursday, March 13, 2014

Connecticut Officer Under Investigation for Desire to "kick your door in and take your guns"

The Branford Connecticut police officer who stated on facebook that:
“I’ll give my left nut to have the ability or have the opportunity to kick your door in and take your guns.”
 is under investigation by his department for his remarks.  As reported by
BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– A Branford police officer is off the job after he got into a fight online with someone about gun ownership. That officer is on leave after he told someone online he couldn’t wait to bang down his door and take his gun.
 Officer Joe Peterson is said to have posted the remarks.  He was on workers compensation leave when he posted them.    The obvious question, given that he was on workers compensation, is whether pain or drugs interfered with his online judgment.  The reports:
 Peterson, a one-time East Haven K-9 officer who moved to the Branford department a number of years ago, has been honored multiple times in his career — including for catching alleged murderer Lishan Wang in April 2010 after Wang allegedly shot Dr. Vajinder Toor outside Toor’s Brushy Plain Road condominium.
Every officer is taught that "following orders" is not an excuse for violating constitutional rights.  Cameron Smith, who was involved in the exchange, has this to say in the American Thinker:
 Just wanted to thank you for the very fair article on the Police officer in CT. While yes, the conversation got very heated, once he [Officer Joseph Peterson] was seen as a cop, he should have stepped WAY back. A lot of news articles are putting my quote in of me saying he would put Jews in Ghettos as the reason he went off. He actually went off well before that. I literally asked him if a law was passed to put Jews in the Ghettos, would you? He literally said "Now you are being silly...but if its the law, I enforce it; I don't make them."

To me THAT was the quote of the story that everyone is missing.
I doubt that the internal investigation will let us know if drugs were involved.

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