Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Robbers Killed by an Armed Citizen, Now The Families Want To Sue

Sad but true, this is the way it works in the United States. Two men entered a convenience store, pointed their guns at the clerk, and robbed the store. As they exited the store, an armed citizen confronted them. The robbers pointed their guns at the honest citizen and he shot and killed both of them.

Now the family of one of the dead robbers wants “justice.” They want to sue the honest citizen. And leave it to the media to give the families of armed robbers a forum.

In what has become a cliché, the mother of an armed robber takes to the airwaves to say, “He was a good boy.” This family then has the nerve to say the robbers didn’t deserve to be shot; that an honest citizen had no right to fire at two “boys” who pointed their guns at him. The family then goes on to say that while their boy was a known drug user, he likely only robbed the store so he could get money to pay his child support. It is a seven-minute video, but it should make your blood boil:

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Bird of Paradise said...

Frankly both families need to be given one way tickets out of america and banned from ever returning Good boys don't walk into stores wearing ski masks carrying guns and rob the place and frankly the parents should be held liable for allowing their kids to grow up to be crinimals