Saturday, March 29, 2014

Arizona Town Auctions Guns

When Arizona passed legislation early last year to stop the irrational destruction of valuable property that had come into the hands of local governments, the state required that firearms turned in to government agencies be sold through normal commercial channels, thus insuring that the guns were taken "off the street".

Some local governments had been involved in what amounted to a modern Deodand ritual, where inanimate objects were "punished" by destruction as a way to sacrifice to the gods of political correctness.    Even in medieval times, most deodand objects were sold, with the money going to the Church or Government.    It was all political theater, and it wasted valuable resources.  But then, modern "progressives" have never worried much about wasting other people's money. 

Most Arizona communities take the easy route and auction off the firearms that police collect to a few local dealers.   The dealers usually get a good deal and make a profit, and the local bureaucracy keeps the work added to its given chores to a minimum.

Jerome, Arizona, however, figured a way to maximize the value from items that end up in police possession. 

They auction them off on the Internet.

To avoid legal hassles that have been created by the infringements of the second amendment known as the Brady act and the Gun Control Act of 1968, the Town requires that firearms won at auction be transferred to the buyer through a licensed  dealer, just like new firearms.  

Jerome has no auctions active at present, but you can look over the results of the last one at this site

I have found that guns at auctions usually go for more than I want to spend, but I have picked up a few bargains when most did not know about obscure makes and models.   

At this auction, I think the Sport King .22 pistol from High Standard for less than $200 might have been a good deal.  Nothing else caught my eye, but Ruger Blackhawk revolvers in .30 carbine are not easy to come by, and one went for $330.  It probably cost another $25 to have it transferred by a local dealer.

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