Sunday, March 16, 2014

David Codrea: ATF Raids Ares Armor in Response to Restraining Order

Pure tyranny and low level terrorism on the part of the BATFE.  They determined the items not to be within their jurisdiction, because they were not guns.  Then they changed their mind.   This is the opposite of the rule of law.  The BATFE have never been held to account for their lawlessness.   This administration has clearly signaled that the only people who will be punished are the whistle blowers.   The administration will back this agency to the hilt, and the old media and Harry Reid in the Senate have effectively rendered congressional inquiries toothless.

This raid sends the message: Do what we tell you or we will destroy you.

UPDATE (3/15): A video titled "ATF breaks into Ares Armor in National City" has just been posted today to YouTube. This column has now embedded the new video above. Further details will be made known when they become available.
UPDATE 2 (3/15): From
ATF Executes Search Warrants at Ares Armor
According to Jeremy Tuma, the Chief Operating Officer of Ares Armor, the ATF is currently executing search warrants at all Ares Armor locations.
This is from Jeremy’s Instagram page just a few minutes ago.
UPDATE 3 (3/15) from the Instagram page:
Even though they have 4executed a search warrant, don't have a computer to look up prices, and are gonna be operating form a calculator, we aren't going to let htis shut us down. THE OCEANSIDE STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!
ALSO: Dave Workman is working this story today as well. And follow updates from Ares via their Facebook page.
District Judge Janis L. Sammartino of the United States District Court, Southern District of California issued an order Friday to prevent Oceanside's gun parts supplier Ares Armor from divesting itself of inventory and records subject to a temporary restraining order the court issued Tuesday. Also included in the order was notice that the TRO did “not restrain lawful criminal proceedings,” as well as a modification of the briefing schedule ordering “the parties [to] fully address all of the facts and circumstances as alleged by one another."

The TRO, as reported in this column on Thursday, was requested by Ares Armor to forestall a raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in which inventory and customer records were targeted for seizure. That ATF action was in response to the company selling so-called “80 percent lower receivers” manufactured by EP Armory, itself the subject of a raid and seizures over parts which have previously been determined by ATF not to be a firearm, as further machining operations must be taken by customers to turn them into functional components.

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