Thursday, March 13, 2014

ID:AP misrepresents story on Concealed Guns at Universities

When the Idaho State Journal and the Associated Press reported last week that Idaho State University in Pocatello could lose its nuclear program if legislators pass a bill to allow guns on campus, the news wire and social media hummed with the revelation.

Problem is, the story’s not exactly accurate and no one wants to take blame for misleading the public on the volatile issue.


“I had never heard that before,” Otter said, according to the Idaho State Journal, the first publication out of the gate with the story.

The Associated Press then rewrote the Idaho State Journal’s piece, giving Otter the credit for the pronouncement of the threatened nuke program. The Idaho Democratic Party quickly jumped in on the action, hoping that the potential loss of an economic driver in the eastern part of the state might sway Otter and lawmakers to back off the bill.

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