Thursday, March 27, 2014

LA:Call 911, Wait two hours; Buy Gun

On March 16, Teri Bice awoke to the sound of someone trying to break down the door of her home in New Orleans.

She did what most Americans would do: dial 911.   One big problem,  There was no answer at the other end.   From
She documented her calls for help: two to 911; two to the NOPD's non-emergency line; and one to NOPD's Second District. The final call was answered and Bice confirms an officer showed up two hours after the attempted home invasion.
The problem appears to be a lack of operators for the 911 system, and too many non-emergency callers using the system.   In this case, Teri believes that the family dog scared off the home invader(s).    Fortunately, Teri's right to defend herself and her family are recognized by both the United States Constitution and a recently ratified amendment to the Louisiana State Constitution.

Teri bought a Taurus .32.    I have not been able to ID the Taurus model pictured with certainty, but I believe it to be a Taurus 731.  I do not find a match on the current Taurus USA website.   I consider it a brilliant bit of active deterrence to show the revolver (clearly loaded) on the news show.  Would you decide to invade this house, now?

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