Friday, July 11, 2014

FL: Black "Zimmerman" Finally Vindicated

Gabriel Mobley

Gabriel Mobley and a friend, Jose Correa, were attacked without provocation in February, 2008, as they stood on a sidewalk outside a restaurant.    Jose had his eye socket fractured by the first punch thrown in the surprise attack.   As the first attacker danced back after delivering the blow, the second of the team of attackers rushed the victims.  

Mobley said that he saw the second attacker reach under his shirt.   He drew his legally concealed Glock pistol and fired at the attackers.   Both were hit and died of their wounds.   All of this was captured on security video.   The action took a total of about 12 seconds.   Two knives were found where the second attacker fell.  If you want to read the details  there is a good account at  Legal Insurrection.  Mobley was vilified in the media.  His attackers were made out to be the victims.

Like George Zimmerman, Mobley did not claim a "Stand Your Ground" defense, even though old media reporters repeatedly tied the case to "Stand Your Ground".   He did however, request a hearing under Florida self defense law.    The law allows judges to stop prosecutorial abuse if the evidence indicates that the person, more likely than not, acted in justifiable self defense.  

Part of reason for the law is to stop prosecutors from  using  the system to punish people who legitimately defend themselves.   Police have a saying for this.   It is: They may beat the rap, but they won't beat the ride.   The ride can easily consist of tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and years of aggravation.   After such treatment, being found not guilty is some consolation, but you have still been severely punished. 

In spite of the video tape, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Thomas Rebull refused to grant Gabriel Mobley immunity.   Understandably, Mobley appealed.   The appeals court found for Mobley in January of this year.  The prosecutors appealed the decision to the Florida Supreme Court.    This week, the Supreme Court vindicated Mobley by refusing the prosecutors' appeal.   Still, the "ride" for Gabriel Mobley lasted for almost six years.   And this was with the action recorded on video!

I read about this case when I was researching Florida cases where concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit holders were accused of murder.   The case was not included in my findings because it had not been decided, and because it was not a "domestic" case.   Still, I had read a number of stories about it.    I was surprised to learn, late in the game, that Gabriel Mobley is black.   In the latest Miami Herald article, that fact is still omitted.

So when George Zimmerman, a "white Hispanic", is attacked and shoots a 17-Year-old black man in self defense, the story is all about race.

But, when Gabriel Mobley, a black man, is attacked by arguably "white Hispanics" and shoots and kills his attackers, race is not mentioned.

One of Mobley's attackers

In a way, this shows a sort of bad faith consistency.   If the race card can be played to further the public disarmament agenda, then it is played.   If playing the race card might impede the public disarmament agenda, then the card is kept hidden.

Both Mobley and Zimmerman have been vindicated.  Both had concealed carry permits.   Both had to go though considerable legal pain, even though the evidence was clear from the beginning.

The two cases, taken together, show the political use of race in the old media.  It is not really about race or racism.   It is about power and how to further their agenda.

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The Progressive "justice" has happily lost again. I hope the man did not have a big legal bill.