Sunday, July 06, 2014

IL: Computer Roadblocks push State Police to Open Phone Lines for Carry Permit

Obama comes from Chicago.  Did the same people with the Obamacare website design this/s?

The Illinois State Police have opened up a new application process for people who want a concealed-carry gun license, giving applicants an alternative to an online process that critics say is cumbersome.

Up to now, according to the State Police, residents could only file for an application online by computer. Now people can apply by telephone by calling (217) 782-7980 and supplying the same information needed for the on-line application process.

Valinda Rowe of said the online application process has been difficult for people because it requires a computer using the proper operating system, the proper browser and the proper java script.

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Wireless.Phil said...

If it is, they could be the same ones that designed and screwed-up the new software for the IRS a few years back and Obama care.

As for the required browser an Java, I heard lot of Adults are going with Android phones that may not support Java.

Same with my Android tablet thats only 2 months old.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dean: I live but a stones throw from the Yuma proving ground. A point I would like to bring up is that Arizona has no requirement for a CCL/CCW. To place any requirement on a right makes it a privilege and not a right , a right can not be licensed, taxed, regulated or limited in any way. A CCL or a CCW is a back door gun registration program. what do they accomplish except to make a list of who has the guns and exactly where they can be found. Do you really believe that laws passed by the same legislative bodies that have passed laws to regulate guns will recognize laws that prevent them from using those lists to collect the guns? The second amendment clearly states SHALL NOT INFRINGE, How much ink is that getting? Have you seen the BATFE book of regulations lately? this is why I refuse to join the NRA they back the CCW/CCL legislations all over this country. lack of knowledge is curable , stupid is stupid. I am an American citizen where ever I am in this country I am entitled to the protection of the bill of rights. No city, county or state has the authority to deny me my constitutional rights. Shall Not Infringe is a federal constitutional statement and guarantee. Why do the ninth and tenth amendments exist? the states have no authority to over ride the federal constitution. Wherever I may be inside the borders of this country My bill of rights exist.

Wireless.Phil said...

I do not expect you to post this.
But I did find it a bit shocking coming from Japan.

Man guns down wife in Ikebukuro cafe


Dean Weingarten said...

To Anonymous in Arizona near YPG.

We must be neighbors. I worked at YPG for 25 years.

You can send me an email at

Maybe we can have coffee.