Friday, November 21, 2014

Dave Workman: Gunfights and gun legislation: The unintended consequences

Two violent robbery attempts in Pierce County yesterday may reinforce the notion that the way to fight crime is to shoot back, as police are investigating whether a body dumped in Federal Way may have been one of the suspects in a Lakewood home invasion, and other cops are hunting for suspects in a separate incident who may have been shot up pretty badly by a friend of the victim.

According to an account by KOMO, police apparently suspect that a body dumped outside of a Federal Way apartment complex may be one of three would-be home invaders who traded shots with their intended victim earlier in the evening in Lakewood. This happened a few hours after another caper, in the Midland area south of Tacoma also ended in a rolling gun battle as the suspects sped away from that crime scene, with friends of the victim in hot pursuit.

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