Thursday, November 20, 2014

OR: Background Checks Ineffective

We now have the Oregon State Police numbers for firearms purchase denials for Oct. 2014. Once again, they demonstrate what a colossal sham the entire process is.

While these numbers are repeatedly used by politicians and anti-gun groups to “prove” that background checks work, they prove exactly the opposite.

Of the 19, 901 background checks run by the Oregon State Police in October, 196 sales were “denied.” Wow, that’s 196 bad guys off the street. Maybe not.

Of the 196 desperadoes denied, a grand total of 5 were “arrested” or “taken into custody.” Not a single one of the people who were denied because they were identified as felons or “otherwise prohibited” was arrested. Of those arrested we have no idea how many were actually charged with a crime.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. That's one of many things that the nannies, mommies, horses ARSes won't/don't address when they "promise" a safer neighborhood to all the no/low voters out there. Worse yet, none of the nolow's ask either