Wednesday, November 19, 2014

OH: School Superintendent Does not Like Guns or the Constitution

The right to keep and bear arms is clear.  The right to free speech is clear, as is the right to equal protection under the law.  But in Ohio, Franklin School Superintendent Michael D. Sander does not seem to approve of any of these rights.  A gun shop opened up 200 yards from the school, and Mike Sander wanted it shut down.  From
But Franklin Schools Superintendent Mike Sander was not too pleased with the district’s new neighbor.

“Unfortunately, it’s there across the street,” Sander said of the gun store. “We don’t like it and expressed our displeasure to the city manager’s office.”
It is clear that the ban on guns in schools, and the entire idiotic "zero tolerance" policy that followed it, have nothing to do with school safety, and everything to do with the indoctrination of students that guns are bad and the second amendment of the Constitution is a bad idea.

Perhaps the parents in Dayton agree with these sentiments.  No doubt some do, but it is likely that those that do are a tiny minority.   People are getting tired of the public schools being used to tear down the structure that the country is built on.  

Dr. Michael D. Sander's contract was not renewed at the last school district that he was superintendent of.  This is his first year at Franklin.
In a controversial decision, the Clinton-Massie school board voted 3-2 in June not to renew the contract of its superintendent, Dr. Mike Sander, a move which set off a series of events during the following weeks.
The article mentions one resident  who objected to the gun store, and mentions that the gun store owner says that he has not received a single complaint from an a concerned resident.  From the article:
“I know it’s a business, but it shouldn’t be that close to a school,” said resident Orville Griffith. “These teens might go across the street, buy a gun, then go across the street and shoot up (the school).”

Wetzel said that’s unlikely for a couple of reasons. First, his store isn’t open during school hours (store hours are 4 to 8 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays). Second, to come into his shop, you must be at least 18 or with a parent or guardian, he said.

Wetzel said he hasn’t had one complaint from a concerned resident since opening.
Not one school shooting has occurred where the shooter went to a gun store, purchased a firearm, then immediately went to a school and started shooting.  However, there have been at least two cases where gun stores supplied firearms to people who immediately used them to stop violent crimes. 

It is far more likely that gun stores in an area improve public safety rather than decrease it.

 Superintendent Sander's contact information
(937) 746-1699,

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Anonymous said...

The problem is bigger than the gun store. A person who is so closed to reason and facts is not the right person to be a school Superintendent.