Monday, November 17, 2014

Ohio Senate moves to Legalize Noise Suppressors for Hunting Game

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In April of 2014, the Ohio House passed a bill to allow noise suppressors for hunting game animals.   The  devices are already legal for hunting nuisance animals.   The bill is uncontroversial, and passed 73-14.  From 
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio House lawmakers say hunters can use noise suppressors to kill animals. Silencers and mufflers can be used in Ohio under limited circumstances, but can only be used to kill nuisance animals with a permit. A bill passed on Wednesday in the Ohio House of Representatives by a 73 - 14 vote is meant to protect hunter's hearing by lowering the decibel level from firearms.
 The bill was heard in the Senate's Civil Justice Committee on Wednesday, 12 November.   No vote was taken.  From
Other firearms-related bills heard by the Senate committee Wednesday included one that would allow hunters to use noise suppressors and another that would allow investigators in the attorney general's office to carry firearms.
It seems likely the bill, HB234, will pass, if it comes to a vote before the end of the session.  In Europe, the use of noise suppressors is considered to be good manners.

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