Thursday, November 27, 2014

Judge Voids own Decision in Fast and Furious Whistleblower Case

In a bizarre decision in Agent Dobyns' case,  Judge Frances M. Allegra, voided his own decision in favor of Jay Dobyns.

That decision excoriated the ATF, and was appealed by them to the Federal Court of Appeals.   The appeal and a cross-appeal are still in process.  In addion, Judge Allegra sealed all records concerning the case.  From
U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Francis M. Allegra, who issued a 54-page decision in favor of that ex-agent, Jay Dobyns, in August, voided his decision on Oct. 29, according to a court notice filed Nov. 5.

The notice does not outline why Allegra voided his decision. Furthermore, the judge sealed other court documents, shrouding the matter from public view.
No one associated with the case is commenting on what the decision means, but there is bound to be speculation comparing the case to Chief Justice Roberts decision to change the finding on Obamacare just days before it was released.

Judge Allega had ordered that Eric Holder and other top Department of Justice officials be served with the judgement.

 Matt Bracken has speculated that the Obama administration uses extortion and blackmail to coerce members of the Judicial and Legislative branches of government to obtain the results that he desires.  

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