Monday, November 24, 2014

Silly WWII Analogy...but Fun!

On freerepublic, people were discussing the recent legal victory, where a federal judge ruled that people who already had guns had no reason to wait through a 10 day California waiting period.  The law was first passed in 1923.  He ruled that the law infringed on second amendment rights.  The KG9 Kid wrote, from
I'm sorry, but I read of these little 'victories' by the CalGuns Foundation in their thoroughly anti-gun state and cannot help but compare them to some WWII Japanese radio broadcast that exclaims that the Imperial Japanese Navy now has now deployed the first rocket-powered flying suicide bomb with which they shall lay waste to the American fleet off of Okinawa.
I thought about it a bit, and it seemed his analogy was all wrong.
The analogy might hold “water” if the kamakazi rocket planes had holed half of the carriers in the U.S fleet, and they were taking on water while the crews fought the fires.

If Peruta stands, and odds are that it will, second amendment supporters win.

How do you stop concealed carry reciprocity across the nation when you have as your redoubt six little east coast states, and the entire rest of the country has shall issue or constitutional carry?

I submit that the truth would be closer if the roles in the analogy were reversed. It is the Californian politicos that are fighting a desperate rearguard action. Heller was their Midway, and McDonald, MacArthur’s return to the Philippines. Concealed carry has been the Island hopping. Illinois was Okinawa. Peruta is a potential Hiroshima.

Second amendment supporters just successfully “firebombed” Tokyo (DC) with the Palmer decision.

I would not want to trade sides with the opposition.  Second amendment supporters have the facts, logic, the culture, and the Constitution on their side.  It is like the overwhelming advantage that the tremendous American production gave U.S. troops in the Pacific theater.    In addition, second amendment fighters, those that pay attention and care, out number disarmists by somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 to one.   Bloomberg is Benito Mussolini, Schumer is Emperor Hirohito,  I will let you assign your own roll for the current president.

It is a silly World War II analogy.   The timing does not fit.   Second Amendment supporters have been fighting the war for 50 years, 80, if you include the 1934 NFA.   But it is fun to think of it that way.   We are winning.

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505markf said...

How about Illinois was the Mariana's Turkey Shoot, or maybe Leyte Gulf and Perulta was Guam - Saipan - Tinian. Seems to me that Perulta is not the end, but is the beginning of the end, as in WWII when the first B-29s began arriving in the skies of Japan. I think we are a long way from the final battles, but they are coming. Just a thought

Wireless.Phil said...

Junk Gun, bad deal!

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