Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kurt Hofmann: Anti-gun, anti-hunting agendas both depend on lies

Kurt does an excellent job at showing the utter disregard for the truth by an anti-hunting activist.

Gun rights advocates have for years been understandably contemptuous of "Fudds"--hunters who cannot be bothered to fight against attacks on gun rights, as long as their hunting guns are left alone. Fudds have even been known to actively participate in the attacks so-called "assault weapons," "high capacity" magazines, etc., presumably hoping that by feeding other gun owners to the crocodile first, they can avoid the jaws forever. The rest of us know better. Anti-gun politicians also get useful cover from the Fudds, when they argue that, "You don't need an 'assault weapon to hunt deer"--as if that makes banning the most effective militia arms acceptable.

That said, it would be equally foolish for gun rights advocates to dismiss hunters--some of whom are also gun rights advocates--as needed allies. While many enemies of gun rights are not enemies of hunting (at least not outwardly, and especially when elections approach), anti-hunting activists tend to be reliably anti-gun. In other words, we share many common enemies. And those enemies share a common strategy--blatant dishonesty.

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Anonymous said...

the anti gun agenda is foisted by communist...yes!! tey are still around. never left!!wheres another joe McCarthy when we need him?